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I can only imagine what my daughter would have been like.  I can only imagine the person she would have become.  In my imagination her personality and appearance are fluid, they aren’t staked in any permanence.  Some days I imagine her to be outgoing and petite, others days I imagine a lanky figure who finds solace in books.  I will never be able to say who she would have been but I can say that there is one constant; it’s that she would have been incredibly kind.

I think I always envision Dorothy as a kind soul because of the kindness her own life has inspired.  Throughout this experience, Mike and I have often found ourselves overwhelmed by the kindness of others.  Now, it’s time to pay it back.

This Wednesday, July 27 is International Kindness Project Day.  This is a day where people around the world are invited to spread random acts of kindness in memory of those they love.  I am encouraging those I love to participate this year.  You can buy a cup of coffee for a stranger, leave some chocolates on a co-workers desk, or help your neighbor with their household chores.  Your act does not need to be a grand gesture; just a moment of kindness spread to someone around you.  Can you imagine the effect a day of kindness could have in our world?

For more information on The Kindness Project, visit this website:

The Kindness Project

This project is being sponsored by a wonderful organization called the MISS Foundation.  The MISS Foundation has been an incredible resource for me in my grief work and I encourage you to explore their website if you are looking for guidance regarding grief.

MISS Foundation: A Community of Compassion and Hope for Grieving Families

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