Thank You

Thank you to the woman standing behind me in Hannaford.  Did you know how much your words were going to mean to me?

Thank you for letting me duck out of line to go get cat food.  Did you know how much my little lady appreciated her evening meal?

Thank you for saying I carried myself with grace.  Did you know that at the end of the day, when my hips are aching and I just can’t wait to put on an elastic waistband, how beautiful you made me feel?  Did you know that I would go home to look in the mirror to admire my body that I so often feel at odds with?

Thank you for calling me a superhero.  Did you know how hard it can be for me to just get through the day lately?  Did you know how fragile and vulnerable I am feeling in my 18th week of pregnancy when everyday is a reminder of the beautiful baby I carried at this time last year?

Thank you for asking if I was going home to a foot rub.  Did you know that I would have the most amazing husband waiting for me at home?  Did you know well he takes care of me?  (You probably didn’t know that I don’t like people touching my feet, so foot rubs are out.)

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.  Did you know that I drove home with a smile on face?  Did you know how grateful and fulfilled I felt when I drove up to my beautiful home knowing that I was seconds away from a hug and a “how was your day?”

Thank you for reminding me that I am loved and I am grateful for so much of what life has given me.  Did you know how hard these past 8 months have been?  Did you know that some days it’s really hard to find the joy?

And thank you again, for holding my place in line.





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