There Are Cracks Everywhere

Everything feels so much more complicated when you are a bereaved parent.  Simple, everyday tasks can take an emotional toll.  So, when you are dealing with an already complicated situation, like dealing with a salesperson over the telephone, the emotional toll is even more costly.

Recently, I had to reach out to a baby furniture company to make a request.  My experience prompted me to write and send the following email.

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing to request a replacement part for my glider.  I am also writing to describe my recent experience with your company.

I need to replace the right armrest of the glider as it came out of the package cracked in several places.

The information for the glider is as follows:

Model No: 06550-431 (DM)

Mfg Date: JUN. 2014

Name of Product: Hoop Glider and Ottoman Base

Made in China

Color: White with Gray Cushions

This glider was a gift for my first child who was due last year.  It was purchased by family members last winter.  Although I am aware that your company return policy requires a receipt to replace parts, I regret to say that I do not have a gift receipt or a packing slip in my possession.

I apologize that this is the case, but there has been a large gap between the receipt of the glider and the opening of the box it came in.  As I explained to one of your representatives on the phone, my daughter was stillborn last February and I was never able to use this rocker for her nursery.  My husband and I never had a chance to even open this glider as her death occurred before I could have a baby shower.

We are now expecting our second child who is due this March.  We were looking forward to putting together the glider for our baby’s nursery and were dismayed to find the armrest broken when we pulled it out of the box.  I referred to the yellow sheet contained in the box and saw that you company would be willing to ship new parts if I contacted you directly.

Communicating with you via email will now be my third attempt to replace the armrest for this chair.  I found the parts form on your website less than user-friendly and my experience via phone was not at all friendly.  

Your representative, while I’m sure doing her job as it is assigned, was abrupt and slightly rude.  She did not seem at all interested in hearing the reason why I could not produce a gift receipt or packing slip.  Even after opening up about the experience of my daughter’s death she merely repeated it was company policy and I was free to call back when I had a receipt.

I can’t imagine that I am the first person to ever call with an issue like this, so I was quite surprised by the lack of affect from your customer service representative.  You are a company that sells baby furniture.  You are a company that touts itself as “keeping babies safe for over 70 years.” I am sorry to say that I did not hang up with your company feeling safe.  I hung up feeling ashamed and heartbroken.

I am feeling very disappointed in this experience.  You already have my family’s money.  It is too late for us to return the chair as it was purchased almost a year ago.  All I am asking for is a replacement armrest for the chair.  Without it, the chair is not able to be used.

I would appreciate any guidance you can give me on this manner and I would also appreciate your company taking the time to educate your representatives on how to deal with sensitive issues.

I am attaching severeal photos to this email.  Four of these photos are of the broken armrest and one is of the product sticker found under the seat of the chair.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I hope this matter is able to be resolved.


Rachel Whalen

Barre, Vermont

There you have it.

Cracks in an armrest.   Cracks in a customer service model.  Cracks in my heart.





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