Happy Birthday Dorothy

Dear Dorothy,

Happy birthday to you.  How incredible that it has been a year since you entered our world and how incredibly heartbreaking that it has been a year since we said good-bye.  It has been the most heartbreaking blessing to have spent this last year as your parents, your advocates, and your memory keepers.

Your dad and I spent today together.  We weren’t sure what we would do today, but we knew we wanted to be with one another.  Just us.  Just like it was when you were here.  We knew we wanted today to be sprinkled with the simple things that bring us great pleasure.  There were books, there was good food, and there was sunshine.  There were messages from loved ones, there were flowers, and there was lots of movement from your little sister.  We wanted today to be wrapped in love, and it was.

You don’t know this, but today is not just your birthday.  Today also marks a year of survival.  The day we lost you, was almost the day that I was lost too.  After losing you, we were in danger of losing so much more.  It was terrifying.  And then, after I fought my way back, we still had a long way to go.  But we did it.  Your dad and I did it together.  You never got a chance to know us, but I think you would have been proud of how much we love and support each other.  Your father is the strongest person I know.  He has taken such good care of me and he has taken such good care of your memory.   I wish you could hear me say how much we love you, but I will have to settle for sending my love out into the void hoping, as always, that it finds you.

Happy Birthday Dorothy.

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