How To Support A Loved One During Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  If you have a loved one who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss, you may already know that. You may have noticed what an important month this and you may already be aware of events taking place to commemorate the cause.  But have you noticed that even with all of these extra resources and support, your loved one is needing you more than ever?

Like everything that grief touches, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month can be daunting.  Yes, there are incredible resources and events planned to support those who have experienced loss, but inside every one of these events lays the reminder that our babies are gone.  If we had a choice, we would rather not be “celebrating” this month.  We wish it wasn’t necessary to raise awareness about such a devastating issue.  But, here we are.  We need this month and we need those who love us as we rally together in remembrance.

Here’s what you can do to support your friend, family member, or co-worker as they navigate Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month:

  • Attend a remembrance walk.  Walk with your friend or walk in the memory of their child gone too soon.
  • Donate to an organization like Star Legacy Foundation or The Miscarriage Association.  These organizations exist to educate and support those affected by pregnancy and infant loss. You can even make your donation in memory of a baby who has died.
  • Share an article about pregnancy and infant loss.
  • Check in with your friend or loved one.  Ask if they are doing anything to participate in this month.  Let them know you remember their baby.
  • Invite them to do something.  They may not feel up to it, but it will mean the world that you asked.
  • On October 15th, you can participate in The Wave of Light.  Light a candle at 7:00pm and let it burn for an hour. Your candle will join others across the globe to create a continuous wave of light in memory of our children.
  • Perform a Random Act of Kindness in their name or their child’s name.
  • Do something kind for THEM.  A cup of coffee.  A little note.  A piece of chocolate.  Just a little something to let them know they are loved.

If you’re still not sure what do, ask your loved one what they need.  They may say they’re fine. They may say they don’t need anything and that’s okay.  Just by asking, you let them know that you are thinking of them.  Chances are, knowing you care is what they needed most.

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