10 Reasons I Love My Loss Family

This is my declaration of love for those parents who know the pain of losing a child.  I want them to know why I love them.

I love my loss family because…

1. They call me Mama.  After you lose your child, you ache for the chance to be the mother or the father that you dreamed of being.  These are the people who see you for who you are; the parent of your beautiful baby.

2. They are creative. I am constantly in awe of the talent that this community possesses.  We have painters, photographers, writers, mixed-media artists, and jewelry makers among us.  Every spark of their creativity is lit by the love for their children.

3. They are considerate.  Even though their own burdens are heavy, they never hesitate to help others carry their load.  

4. They look at life in the most beautiful way.  Looking through the lens of a shattered heart lets you see extraordinary things.

5. They never let me settle.  When loss has touched your life you realize how important it is to leave nothing behind for yourself.  My community wants me to seize every opportunity and to never sacrifice my self love. 

6. They are always there.  Literally.  Our community spans the globe.  There is a member in every time zone. This means that, at any moment, someone is there when we need them.

7. They are fierce.  Seriously.  Do not mess with us.  We are the strongest group of people I know.

8. They are vulnerable.  Everyday they face the world with open arms and raw emotion.  To be this vulnerable, it requires a power beyond measure.  

9. They are the most amazing parents.  Parenting a child that you can’t hold or see is the hardest job there is, but this group does it with such grace and spirit.  Our babies are so loved.

10. They know.  My story, my pain, my love for my child; they know it all.

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