RISE: My Word for 2018

Words are powerful.  They can hurt, they can heal, and they can guide you.  As I enter 2018, I’m going to continue to choose my words thoughtfully and I’m paying special attention to the word that I will use to guide me through this next year of my life.

The word is RISE.

2017 was a year that was heavy on my heart.  There was a lot of grief, anxiety, and depression that weighed me down and made it hard to keep going.  Still, I trudged forward.

This year, I don’t want to just inch forward.  I want to rise up.

I have dreams and for the past two years, those dreams have been tethered so that I could focus on surviving.  Well, if nothing else, I’ve proved that I’m a survivor.  Now, I’m ready to let those dreams free and I want to rise up to catch them.

I dream of becoming a writer.  I dream about pushing back when my values and views are challenged.  I dream of being a mother and a woman that my daughters feel proud of and inspired by.  I dream of helping to build a culture where grief is no longer whispered, but it is sung.

These dreams of mine can no longer stay grounded, but I know that reaching them will not be easy.  My trajectory will not be smooth and it will not be quick.  Obstacles will impede my progress.  I will stumble.  I will fall.  But, I will also rise.

In 2018, I will no longer cast my eyes down as I try to simply put one foot in front of the other.  This year I will lift my head and look up at my dreams, thinking about how I will rise to get there.

Photo by Majid Sadr on Unsplash

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