When You Say “I Forgive,” But Your Heart Won’t Forget

When You Say _I Forgive,_ But Your Heart Won't Forget

Losing a child has made me good at many things.  I’m good at crying in the grocery store and also at hiding my tears.  I’m good at saying what’s on my heart and I’ve become good at helping others find their voice.  I’ve even become good at forgiving others when their words and actions leave me hurting.  So, why am I so bad at forgetting?

I can forgive those who have told me to move on, but I can’t forget how much their words caused me to stumble.  My heart has found forgiveness for those who went away, but I still remember the sound of the silence. Please know that I have forgiven the intentions of those who offered their congratulations when my second daughter was born, but I will never forget the confusion of being called a first-time mother.  I have managed to forgive some people’s honesty, but I will never forget how the words “I’m sorry, but to me, she just isn’t real.” felt in my ears.  I have spent a lot of time offering up forgiveness, so I need others to forgive the fact some things can’t be forgotten.

I’m bad at forgetting because there are some words that just can’t be unheard.  They rattle around in the hollow parts of my heart, echoing louder than was ever intended.  No matter how many loving words try to fill in the spaces, these words that hurt take up more room than they should.  Despite my best efforts, my heart will not be rid of them.

And for that, I’m still searching for forgiveness.

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2 thoughts on “When You Say “I Forgive,” But Your Heart Won’t Forget

  1. That was an awful thing to say. Maybe heartless ppl, need to be deleted from our lives, if possible. Maybe you don’t have to forgive her ever, just consider the type of person she is. I am sorry you had to hear this.
    My mother said to me. “How could you do that to him?” (Referring to the fact I had my son cremated)…I will never forgive that, I just consider her ignorance and unfortunately I can’t disown her. She does grieve for him.
    I am so sorry you lost a child💔💙

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