40 MORE Things That Can Really Suck After Losing A Baby


When I wrote my first list, 40 Things That Can Really Suck After Losing A Baby, the response was overwhelming.  Moms and dads everywhere could relate to many of the items on the list.

I also heard from many of you that the list was incomplete.  I agree.  Unfortunately, the list of things that SUCK after losing a baby could go on and on.  So, I thought why not make this a series?

So, here it is: Part Two.

Here are 40 MORE things that have the potential to SUCK after losing a baby.

1. Formula samples in the mail.

2. Reminder emails about your registry or those maternity clothes you were eyeing on Zulily.

3. Coupons for baby stuff that just show up in your mailbox.

4. Trying to unsubscribe to these things and still receiving them anyway.

5. When the baby weight finally goes away.

6. When you can’t get rid of the baby weight.

7. Grocery stores.

8. Restaurants.

9. Target.

10. Basically anywhere children or pregnant women may roam.

11. Being confronted by Facebook memories from before your loss.

12. When someone tries to comfort you and their sentence starts with “At least you…”

13. Pregnancy announcements on social media.

14. Having your social media feed dwindle down to nothing because you’ve unfollowed anyone/anything that has to do with babies.

15. When celebrities get pregnant.

16. When celebrities experience a loss.

17.  Anytime you go to the doctor and it’s clear they haven’t read your chart.

18.  Having to ask them AGAIN to please read your chart.

19. When you’re trying to watch TV and a character is pregnant or a baby dies.

20. When people assume you watch This Is Us because “You would like it.  There’s a lot of loss.” (No offense to those who watch This Is Us, I’m not against the show.  Just the assumption that I would like the show because I’ve had miscarriages and a stillbirth.)


21. When someone jokes that “Now you can drink again.”

22. Trying to figure out what to do with the baby stuff.

23. “Mommy memes” that are supposed to be funny but they just make you want to scream in rage.

24. Taking a pregnancy test.

25. When a pregnancy test is negative.

26. When a pregnancy test is positive.

27. How everyone thinks you’re such a “Debbie Downer” now.

28. How you think that they might be right about that.

29. Mother’s Day.

30. Father’s Day.

31. Birthdays.

32. The greeting card aisle.

33. When you feel alone with your loss.

34. When you meet another bereaved parent because you hate that someone else knows this pain.

35. Platitudes.

36. Getting invited to do things.

37. Not getting invited to do things.

38. Being trapped in politeness.

39. When people send you flowers and you have to watch them die.

40. Knowing that there are still things missing from this list.

Losing a baby SUCKS.


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