Thank You Mr. Ramsey: Why That Cartoon of Barbara and Robin Mattered SO Much


Dear Marshall Ramsey,

Thank you.  Those words don’t seem nearly big enough right now for the incredible gift you have given our community.  What community is that?  I’m talking about our community of bereaved parents.  Loss moms and dads.  We are a tribe of people being forced to live here on Earth without one or more of our children.  It is a heartbreaking and agonizing life.  But yesterday, Mr. Ramsey, you brought us HOPE.

Your beautiful tribute to the beloved Barbara Bush and her daughter Robin reminded us of something very important: our children are waiting for us.  It hurts so much to be apart from them and I’m going to be honest, there is a part of me that is jealous that Barbara gets to see Robin again.  I am waiting for my turn.  But yesterday you published a piece of hope: someday, we will be reunited and I’m not sure I can articulate just how much that soothes the aching heart of the bereaved parent.

Not all of us believe in those pearly gates you drew, but we all have an image of where our child now lives.  We worry that where our babies are, that they are alone.  That they may not know we are here on Earth missing them so much.  Your drawing reminded us that when we get there, our babies will not only be there but they will be running towards us, arms outstretched and calling out for us.  Thank you for that reminder.

You see, a bereaved parent spends their days loving a child that no one else can see.  Our biggest fear is not being apart from our children, but that they will be forgotten.  You let us know that they have not been forgotten.  Even though Robin Bush left us when she was only three, she was the one you thought of when you heard that Barbara had left us too.  What an incredible way to honor the steadfast love between mother and child.  It is a love that exists beyond death and your picture reminded us of that.

Finally,  I want to thank you for inspiring a conversation about grief and child loss.  This is a conversation happening every day in my amazing community, but to hear it being talked about in the mainstream media was a triumph for us.  Your drawing did that.  When people looked at your drawing yesterday they did not turn away or mumble some platitude, they simply admired the love of a mother and a child.  That is the way it should be.  So, thank you.

With my deepest gratitude and admiration,

A Parent Who Is Waiting For Her Turn

14 thoughts on “Thank You Mr. Ramsey: Why That Cartoon of Barbara and Robin Mattered SO Much

    1. I am so touched that you took the time to read this. Your tribute to a mother’s enduring love has been so inspiring to myself and so many other bereaved parents. Thank you for demonstrating your incredible heart.

  1. You touched my heart. Lost my son in 2016. One misscariage and a granddaughter stillborn. Hope to see them when I pass.

    1. Nina, I’m so sorry for your losses. I know when that day comes, you will all be together again. I know how difficult it is to love them from such a distance but you are doing it. Sending you lots of love. <3

  2. “You see, a bereaved parent spends their days loving a child that no one else can see.”
    Thank you. I will spend the rest of my time, until my turn comes, loving my daughter who no ones else sees either. But what a task it is to have remind people, she once was here, and for me, she always will be.

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