Dads Grieve Too–Resources For The Father Grieving Their Child

Grieving dads need support---especially from other grieving dads.

Dads grieve too.

The women in our loss community say it often and we say it with such passion. Dads grieve too. However, right after we finish that statement a question inevitably arises. 

Yes, dads grieve but how do we support them in their grief?  

There’s a lot we, as women, can do. We can listen to their stories and to their silence. We can encourage them to share. We can recognize and honor their fatherhood in its many iterations. But, there is something we can’t do for them.  We can’t be fathers.

Grieving dads need other grieving dads. 

They need the words and the support and the companionship of other fathers like them. Fathers who have known loss and who are living lives touched by grief. Fathers who know what it’s like to hold the hands of their child’s mother as the helplessness takes hold. They need to share experiences with someone who has also paced hospital floors in despair and sat in uncomfortable chairs while receiving devastating news. Dads need each other.

Take a moment to consider what it has meant for you, as a mother who knows loss or infertility (or both), to read about another mother with an experience like yours. It means everything to you to know that there is someone out there who can empathize with your story.

Now, take a moment to consider what that could do for the fathers we know.

I considered this very idea and I reached out to this incredible community with a request: Please share resources for fathers created by other fathers. For me, it was crucial to gather content that was from other dads because that is what dads need. It was necessary to find dads with varied experiences who offered a variety of option. Because that’s what our fathers need. They need the options that the mothers in this community have. Instead of offering up one dad, I wanted to offer a community.

I can now say with confidence that grieving dads are out there. 

There is a community of fathers out there and they are eager to connect with other fathers who have experienced the heartbreak of building a family and the overwhelming love that fathers have for ALL of their children.

Please share this list of resources with the dads in your life. Besides our own love and support, the greatest gift we can give our dads is the love and support of one another.

Because dads grieve too and they need other grieving dads.  


Resources for Grieving Dads

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Books (Links will bring you to Amazon page for book):


What resources for grieving dads would you share?

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