The New Year May Not Be A Fresh Start–But It’s Also Not An Ending

I think we put a lot of pressure on New Year’s Day. We are eager for a fresh start and we place our hopes inside that first little box of the month. We promise ourselves that this will be our year–our new beginning.

But, that’s not what happens on New Year’s Day.

Do you know what really happens on New Year’s Day?

You keep going.

This year you will take small steps and great leaps. You will move backwards and forwards and every which way. Your head will spin from the different directions you must take and the opportunities zooming by while you take a moment to rest. 

But, you keep going.

As you cross the threshold of a new year , you will feel the urge to unload all that has caused you hurt. Most of these things can be left behind, but they will not truly leave you. It is not possible to pick and choose what comes with you. All you can do is commit yourself to finding a way to carry it–all of it.

Because you will keep going.

You will find yourself in the company of those who have always been there and those you haven’t yet encountered. There will be people missing–some gone forever and some that will return to you. You will continue to understand that the journey is not about those who walk with you.

Because you will keep going.

Continuing on through this thing called life will be exhausting and joyful and brutal. It will take you to places you’ve never envisioned and return you to places you thought you’d left. It will hurt you and it will love you. You will experience a million broken promises this year, except for the only one that matters.

You will keep going.

Because this new year may not be a fresh start, but it’s also not an ending.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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