It’s Not Just Mothers That Have Lost A Baby–Let Us Not Forget The Dads

We need to remember that dads are heartbroken by baby loss too.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the dads–the grieving dads. When people acknowledge pregnancy and infant loss, they turn to the moms with their comfort and support. But it’s not just the mothers who have lost a baby.

Let us not forget the dads and their own experiences with the heartbreak of losing a baby.

We can’t forget about the dads who sat in hospital chairs with us while we waited. The dads who held our hands when we stared at silent screens. Let’s remember about the dads who asked “Can I hold her now?” because they knew that time was precious.

Let us recognize the dads who came running when we yelled that something was wrong. The dads who felt helpless.

We need to acknowledge the dads who would do anything to fix this and who must accept that this is a problem that can’t be fixed.

We should remember the dads who couldn’t leave work but would be there as soon as they could.  The dads who drove us to appointments even when they were so distraught they couldn’t see where they were going. We have nothing but love for the dads who said “It’s okay,” even when it wasn’t.

There are the dads who knew just what to say and the dads who struggled to find the words. The dads who have cried and the dads who have never cried. We must also remember the dads who are afraid to cry for fear of drowning in the tears.

This is for the dads who speak up for us. The dads who stand beside us.

Let us not forget the dads who carry children in their hearts.

This is for the bereaved dads. The grieving dads. The strongest dads there are.

These dads of ours, they are so deeply loved and not just for their strength of character. They are loved because they are proof of just how strong a father can love and just how far that love can reach.

This is for the dads who prove that a heart is stronger than any pair of arms.

Photo by Pixabay


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