I Wish Hallmark Made A Birthday Card For My Child Who Died

I wish Hallmark made a birthday card for my child who died.

Every year, for the past 3 years, I find myself in the greeting card aisle. I stand there wanting to buy a birthday card for my daughter who was stillborn. Nervously scanning the rows of cards and looking for a label that says something like “Birthday For Child From Grieving Parent.” Every time I walk away, feeling defeated and thinking the same thought.

I wish Hallmark made a birthday card for children who are no longer here to celebrate.

The front would have a sparkly candle on a cupcake. Inside, the card would have a message like “Happy Birthday to my greatest wish.”

It doesn’t seem like it would be so hard.

Just one card.

I guarantee that it would sell. There are thousands of grieving parents out there who face my same predicament every year.

If I saw that card, I would buy every single one right then and there. I would then give them to all of my friends who have lost children so they have a card for their child’s should-be birthday.

Having that card available would save so many parents from the heartache that is the greeting card aisle. There would be no guilt for the parents who choose to avoid it. For the parents who choose to venture down that aisle, it would save them the angst of opening card after card. Searching for the one that almost fits for a child who is no longer here to blow out the candles.

A card like the one I described would provide grieving families with a little bit of normalcy during a very difficult time. Celebrating the birthday of a child not there is wrought with so many complicated emotions. Having a card made just for that occasion would make life just a tiny bit easier and what grieving parent doesn’t need a little easy in their lives?

But to my knowledge, Hallmark doesn’t make that kind of card yet.

If they do, it’s not in my card aisle. I’ll keep searching the racks. But in the meantime, I’ll have to make do with finding a card that almost fits the occasion. A card that almost fits this heartbreaking occasion. Another reminder that I live in a world designed for the living and that leaves very little space for those who have left it.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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