Dorothy’s Bookshelf

We had such a life planned for our daughter, Dorothy. We imagined a life filled with endless love and countless experiences. When she was in stillborn in 2016, all of those experiences were taken from us and all that remained was the endless love we have for our firstborn girl.

One of the experiences we were most looking forward to was sharing our love of reading with her. I wish so much that I could have read a book to Dorothy. It would have been an incredible memory for our family. It was an experience we missed out on, but I want other families to have the chance to make this memory.

When a baby dies, there is often an opportunity for the parents and family to bond with that baby. They can hold their child, dress them, bathe them or even read to them.

Dorothy’s Bookshelf is a project that will provide picture books to loss families during that bonding time in the hospital. These families will be able to choose a book from a cart containing a collection of books chosen by Dorothy’s family. They can read the book to their baby and then bring that book home with them as a keepsake of this very precious memory.

Please consider donating a book to Dorothy’s Bookshelf. Your gift will provide a grieving family the opportunity to make a very special memory with their beautiful baby.

Books for Dorothy’s Bookshelf can be purchased and donated HERE.